15 Real Estate Prospecting Ideas

    Hot hot hot is the housing market! Prospecting can be difficult if you don’t know where or how to begin. Here are 15 top real estate prospecting tips that will help your business thrive.

    1. Send Real Estate Prospecting Postcards

    It can be hard to be noticed in the real estate market. It can be difficult to stand out in the real estate industry. Therefore, it is important to do something different and perhaps even old-fashioned to grab prospects’ attention. This also shows that you are passionate about your work and are approachable. These are qualities people seek in a realtor. Selling or buying a house can be stressful and time-consuming.

    2. Get to know your neighborhood

    You are expected to know the area and be well-known within the community as a realtor. You can do both by getting to know your neighbors. Take a look at the neighborhoods, the hot spots, and learn about the rules and norms that are common to the area.

    3. Try Door-to-Door Real Estate Prospecting

    Door-to-door prospecting is a great way to get your name out there. You don’t have to spend as much time as you think. It’s enough to give a brief introduction about yourself and your business and then hand them a business card.

    4. Hone Your Real Estate Prospecting Script

    A real estate cold calling script is a way to make cold calls. Have you tried it? You should give it a shot if you have not. Cold calling remains one of the best ways to prospect and can build a relationship instantly with the customer. It is more personal to be able to talk to someone than to see their realtor sign. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions in real-time.

    5. Create a modern website that inspires trust

    A website can instantly increase your credibility as it displays that you have taken the time to build your brand and provides a platform to answer questions, make inquiries, etc. These are some of the things you need to consider when setting up a site.

    a. Buy a domain name and a hosting plan

    b. Create your website

    c. It can be customized

    d. Add properties

    e. Earn money for advertising and user properties

    f. Accept online payments

    g. Promote receiving more submissions

    6. Write Real Estate Prospecting Letters

    The letters are thoughtful and personal. It can be stressful and emotional to buy or sell a house. Customers look for a trusted realtor to help them through this process. You are showing the customer you care by writing a personal letter. This shows that you want to get to know them better and will be more responsive to their needs. Here are some tips for writing letters.

    a. Personalize it by introducing yourself

    b. Add a photo

    c. Tell us a story about finding your house and helping someone else find their dream home.

    d. Send them your contact information and social media links.

    e. Keep it short

    7. Get in touch with past clients

    Reaching out to former clients has many benefits. You can get referrals and feedback from past clients. You can get referrals and good feedback. They might also remember you to refer their friends if they are satisfied with your service.

    8. Real Estate Prospecting Flyers designed for you


    Real estate is about getting your name out there. A flyer will help you do just that. This may or not be beneficial depending on how big your town is. My 40k-person town has walls that are dedicated to flyers for local businesses. Local businesses have been successful in placing flyers up and it might work for you.

    9. Make FSBO a part of your daily routine

    Prospecting for sale by owner (FSBO), is extremely profitable. It would seem that it would be the reverse, but it isn’t! Nine out of ten FSBO prospect hire a realtor after they begin the process. The statistics show that you are most likely to win the business of most of the prospects you contact. Here are five ways to prospect FSBO

    10. Participate in Social Media

    An astounding 82% of Americans use social media. Social media is used by people for news, entertainment, and social engagement. You can appeal to all three types of customers with your business by:

    a. Tweeting

    b. Make a Facebook Group

    c. Instagram reels

    It doesn’t matter what social media engagements you engage in, it is important to stay connected with your ideal customers and share relevant content!

    11. Sponsor an Open House

    Open houses are a great way to meet people. Everybody wants to see the interior design, and maybe get a cookie. This is a great way for potential buyers to meet you and your community.

    12. Meet Your Prospects Online

    Be easily reachable to your prospects. Meetings in person are a risky way to lose business. You can increase your chances of gaining business by offering the opportunity to meet face-to-face or a zoom meeting. People are busy and have limited time.

    13. Use Real Estate Prospecting Tools

    You have so many options, it’s worth taking advantage of them. These are just a few:

    a. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    b. Leedfeeder

    c. Capterra

    Don’t forget Real Estate CRMs:

    a. Contactually

    b. Follow up Boss

    c. LionDesk

    14. Participate in Networking Events

    Networking events are a great way to meet new people, build relationships, and establish your brand. You don’t have to consider all the realtors in a given area your competitors. Many realtors specialize in a particular niche within their market. It is beneficial to both sides to find other realtors who are not in your niche. This will help you identify potential prospects that might be right for you. You may also benefit from knowing who your direct competitors are. It might be beneficial to keep a strong relationship with them. The housing market is large and there are plenty of buyers. It’s best to keep relationships that benefit both parties, as opposed to an every-man-for-themselves mindset.

    15. Get connected to local businesses

    Spend time in local coffee shops, attending festivals, and supporting charities in your area. Get to know your community and get involved. Finally, recommend local workers to provide household services (ex: plumbers and electricians, landscapers and artists). These relationships can help you connect with local businesses, and also help you to find potential clients.

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