Why Decreasing Inbound Call Volume May Help Your Business

    In the wake of Google’s announcement that their advertisements would result in more than 30 billion phone calls by 2016, a lot of people have rushed to proclaim the fact that “call commerce” is very alive. This is referring to inbound calls that are precious leads for a business. Around 70% of people have clicked on the call button on ads online and 60% prefer a human to answer a specific question over an automatic system.

    It’s natural to think that increasing call volume will increase revenue. This may be the case generally, however it’s not always the case that more is more effective. An increase in call volume may result from an increase in spam from telecoms and fraud, routing issues, or a poor marketing plan that is reducing your return on investment and sales efficiency.

    Tip No. 1: Test and measure advertising targeting using call analytics

    Call Analytics

    Monitoring call attribution, as well as your ads’ targeting, is how you can be sure that your advertisements will generate prospects. Call analytics can assist you to gain insight into how effective your ad targeting is by analyzing the source of each phone call and its results.

    The source of the call is tracked by dynamic-number-insertion technology. It connects a call to its origin online by automatically putting a phone number on your site (or landing pages) that is unique to every user. When the number is called, you can determine the channel, keyword as well as a campaign responsible for driving the calls.

    Dynamic number insertion and conversation analysis give you a complete picture of your call’s attribution beyond just counting rings. Conversation analysis shows how many of these calls were leads by making the calls appear to be lead calls or even low-quality calls. For instance, If two of your channels got the same number of rings: 100 from the social network and 100 coming from the paid searches, but 75 of them were leads from social, and only 25 were leads from a sponsored search of Google It would be evident that social could have an opportunity to earn more.

    It could also indicate that your marketing on social can be more successful than Google. A test of two ads with dynamic number insertion can assist you in optimizing your marketing strategy on this channel effectively, using precise and reliable data on call attribution.

    Tip No. 2: Route all your phone calls to the appropriate business

    Your routing system may be the reason for an artificially increased number of calls due to misdirecting unnecessary calls, which can result in an incorrect conversion rate.

    Making calls efficiently and properly will improve customer satisfaction and can lead to an increase in sales conversion. Routing issues are the most frequent customer complaint and can pave the way for a poor customer experience. A call that is not properly routed can make it difficult to grasp an opportunity to sell 78 percent of people have canceled an appointment due to being wrongly directed.

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