Get To Know Why You Should Consider React Native For Your Mobile App


    In a short period, React Native has gained immense popularity, especially after companies such as Facebook, Walmart, and Bloomberg adopted it as their go-to technology.

    React Native is preferred over other technologies by many mobile app development companies, and it’s safe to say that React Native will be the future of mobile app development. React Native is used by companies to develop cutting-edge and high-quality iOS and Android applications. 

    This article provides insight into React Native and how React Native push notifications enable these apps to succeed.

    React Native: What is it? 

    For many years now, React Native has been a hot topic in the world of mobile development. Since it offered simultaneous iOS and Android development, it had a major impact on the tech world. 

    React Native is a JavaScript-based framework for creating native iOS and Android apps. It allows you to develop applications for multiple platforms using the same codebase. 

    2015 marked the first year that Facebook released React Native as an open-source project. In just a few years, it has become one of the most popular application development solutions. React Native is used by some of the world’s leading mobile apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Skype. 

    React Native: Why Should You Consider It?

    There are several solutions that React Native can offer you that other frameworks cannot match. You should consider using React Native for your mobile applications for the following reasons. 

    Compatibility with Multiple Platforms

    React Native’s key advantage is “one codebase.” This allows cross-platform apps to perform as well as native ones. Using React Native, you can create one application that runs on iOS and Android platforms using React JS along with a native UI library and native APIs. 

    A web app using React JS can reuse the state management, component logic, and React hooks to build a better mobile app with native functionality. As a result, you can reduce the development time and keep your overall app development costs low. Faster development allows you to launch your app sooner and join the competition earlier. The one codebase technique also eliminates the need to hire separate iOS and Android developers. 

    Pre-built Components and Reusable Code

    With cross-platform mobile app development, the code can be reused for both iOS and Android apps. React Native also follows the same principle. According to this concept, you only need to write once and launch everywhere. It is convenient for developers. There is no need to build different designs for different platforms. A company can also use most of the code from an existing web app to build a mobile app. 

    Programming in a Familiar Language

    As long as your developers already understand JavaScript, React Native doesn’t require them to learn another language or coding syntax. Developers with JavaScript or React experience will find React Native easy to learn. To do this, they need to know which mobile components correspond to which web components. As soon as this is done, your developer can begin developing your mobile app with React Native. 

    Assurance of Trustworthiness

    Facebook developed a mobile app before launching React Native to test its viability. They were able to build a unique social media mobile app with its help. We all use the Facebook mobile app today, and it makes you feel as if you are using a native app. In recent years, more companies have started using React Native to develop their mobile apps. A few examples include Instagram, Skype, Walmart, etc.

    1. Plugin support for Third Parties

    A third-party plugin can be added to React Native. There are two types of plugins to choose from Native Modules and JavaScript Modules. For example, if you want to add Google Calendar or Google Maps to your basic app, you can use React Native to link to any Native or third-party plugin. 

    Focused on the User Interface

    React Native builds fast and responsive app interfaces using the React JavaScript library. It supports both simple and complex UI designs with its excellent rendering capabilities and component-based approach. 


    React Native isn’t just a way for web developers to experiment with native apps. This framework is cross-platform, cross-browser, and innovative. The performance of React-based apps is solid, and they are easy to test. There are billions of users of the framework with a long list of notable mentions. The goal is always to reach the maximum number of potential customers, regardless of whether you run a large or small business. 

    Any organization needs to spread the name of its brand as it is the foundation of its success. There are so many ways to advertise your brand for a small amount and earn the maximum benefit from it, but that’s not true because there are so many ways to do it. With React Native Push Notifications, one such door of advertising & marketing is opened. 

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