How to Prevent Receiving Calls marked as spam or Telemarketer

    Are you noticed that you are getting fewer calls on cold calls? Do you have too several answering machines? If yes, then there’s an excellent chance that your number was identified as SPAM LIKELY or TELEMARKETER or even a FRAUD by the phone companies. When potential customers see this, they tend to ignore or transfer your call directly to voicemail. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make your calls go through, as the carriers become more and more strict.

    If your phone number is “SPAMMED” (flagged as spam and branded as spam, telemarketer, and so on) it’s very difficult to undo that. In theory, thanks to the new changes to FCC laws targeted at “robodialers” The carriers can now offer their customers tools that can help them avoid fraudulent calls. But, they have gone too far, and often identify legitimate companies.

    It is the most probable method for your caller ID will be identified as a spam number is through a huge number of calls from one contact ID within a short period of time to a certain carrier, like TMobile, AT&T, or Verizon. These carriers employ different algorithms to identify “unusual” calls and flag them automatically with no way to get it removed. We think they have become a bit too zealous in their labeling practices, which could be harming small-scale businesses that are trying to make a profit.

    Make Use of These Strategies to Stay Away from Being Spammed


    1. Use Dynamic Caller Identification for rotating your IDs of callers This is a must! If you use a dialer like Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer with a dynamic caller ID, it will change a number of authentic caller IDs for you as well as your staff. Each call will come from a distinct number. We suggest a ratio between 5-10 numbers that rotate for every agent that makes calls.
    2. Utilize a power dialer and not a predictive dialer or an Auto Dialer. Auto dialers and predictive dialers dial multiple numbers at once which is a red flag for companies. While they are able to dial more numbers quicker as well as your numbers being marked by carriers as spam you must also take care of calls with short durations or telemarketer delays as well as dropped calls.
    3. Check frequently and then abandon Flagged Caller IDs If you think your caller ID might have been flagged, try testing by calling your mobile phone (or your friend’s cell phone using an alternative provider). Do not use that caller ID and go on.
    4. Avoid calls with short durations (any US domestic phone call that has or less than six seconds in total length is deemed to be a brief duration call. Carriers consider this to be a red flag, therefore make sure to wait at least seven seconds after the call has been established before proceeding. It could be the case if your sales representatives are disconnected immediately after they receive a voicemail message or if they hang up within 6 seconds of receiving an incoming call.
    5. Cold Calls using good Faith Be professional Don’t make the same number repeatedly, and have an option for them to call you to return calls and be certain that you’re selling something that will provide the customer with a real benefit.
    6. Register Your phone numbers with Caller ID Reputation Registry It won’t provide you 100% protection, however, it could be helpful. Some registries: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile

    Stir/Shaken as well as FCC Regulations

    The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) uses Stir/Shaken in order to “declare war” against the billions of calls from robo-calls that are usually scammers trying to rob you. (The Canadian gov is doing similar things.) Examples include car warranties, student loan forgiveness “Microsoft” Tech support, etc.

    Since the calls from spammers are still in effect and the number of spam calls has not been reduced, the FCC is currently preparing to take an additional step that’s known as “Caller ID Authentication”. Only calls that have Caller IDs that have been “authenticated” from the service provider that calls will be allowed to go through.


    If you employ dynamic caller IDs along with a dialer such as Dolphin Cloud and make reasonable efforts to ensure your business is still able to succeed in making cold calls. Being aware of your caller IDs, call through rates, and staying away from short-duration calls can make an enormous difference in the event that you’ve struggled and have no idea the reason.

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