5 ways to put an end to spam calls

    How to deal with your constantly ringing phone, which at this point, has become a nagging pain in your everyday life? Let’s talk privacy.

    The answer is pretty simple and maddening for sure.

    In the last six months, around 22 billion robocalls were listed in the U.S alone. These calls are either Telemarketing calls, spam calls, or robocalls. This isn’t just about getting dozens of unwanted calls on your phone daily but the danger these calls carry is unavoidable in itself. It has been reported that in the year 2020, phone scams caused a loss of an estimated 19.7 billion USD.

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    Despite the anti-robocall legislation working in full force to protect you from spam calls, we offer you five additional ways that can help you survive a surge of annoying spam calls before it gets too worse.

    1. Avoid listing your number on public platforms

    Avoid listing your number publicly especially on social sites where people can easily access it. One of the main reasons why people end up getting spam calls is because they do not pay attention to the terms and conditions. Maintaining your privacy is the first step. 

    One of the most common tactics used to validate the privacy of your number is through searching for it online. Try to acquire all of your personal information that is available online such as on social media sites. In case your number or any other personal information is easily available, contact the concerned site owner and make a request to remove your credentials. Another way is to use an alternative number of a burner phone or list a fake number under your name. A fake number can easily be obtained from many sources such as Google Voice. 

    2. Block unknown callers instantly

    Whenever you receive a call from an unknown caller, instantly block it. This can be done by tweaking the settings of your phone. 

    For an Apple user, your iOS version should be 13 or later. For combatting unknown callers, head over to the settings of your iPhone, click on Phone, click on Silence Unknown Callers and the feature will be enabled. This setting will direct the unknown call straight to Voicemail after silencing. You can later listen to the voicemails in the recent call list.

    For an Android user, in the Settings menu, there will be a blocking option for all unknown callers. To do this, go to the Phone app, click on the three dots, click on Settings and look for block numbers. Enable this option and all the future unknown calls will be blocked for good. 

    3. Register your number to the National Do Not Call Registry

    Being a resident of the U.S., you can get your number filtered by registering it to the National Do Not Call Registry. You can simply do that by contacting on 1-888-382-1222 or through their website

    The next 31 days will be less brutal for you as fewer telemarketing calls will find a way to your phone. Note that this registration will not filter scammers or companies that do not follow in the footsteps of the government.

    4. Install a call-blocking app

    The Call-blocker app is one of the most efficient and successful methods of putting an end to the neverending spam calls. Most of these apps require subscription fees such as Robokiller, Hiya, and Nomorobo. Other than curtailing unwanted calls, these apps come with a variety of unique features. For instance, some offer filtration of spam texts or calls while others send automated text messages to the scammers to frustrate them. 

    5. Look for a call filter by your mobile provider

    There are certain phone service providers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile in the U.S. that can restrict unwanted calls from reaching the user. However, the service may come with a fee requirement. 

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